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What You Need to Know About Social Security Benefits and Remarriage

Picture of two wedding bands

There are few things more painful than divorce and the lengthy, exhausting legal process that comes along with it. But fortunately for you, you’ve found another love and you’re ready to get remarried. Congratulations!

While getting remarried often comes with many emotional and financial gains, you may have questions about legal ramifications — chiefly when it comes to your current Social Security benefits.

These benefits often make it possible for ex-spouses to continue living comfortably, even without the financial assistance of a partner. How will getting remarried change that picture?
read more

Pre-Suit Mediation for Family Law Issues

Pre-Suit Mediation for Family Law IssuesAre you currently fighting with a spouse or family member over child custody issues or a divorce settlement? Family law is probably one of the most contentious areas of legal practices. But with pre suit mediation, you may be able to avoid a lawsuit. It’s a good alternative for those who are willing to try working together.

What is Pre-Suit Mediation?

Pre-suit mediation occurs before someone files a lawsuit, or if the lawsuit has been filed, the mediation takes place at any time during the lawsuit process. Mediation is a face-to-face series of meetings designed to find resolutions to important family issues. read more

Collaborative Approach to Divorce

Collaborative Approach to DivorceWhen the time comes to file for divorce you need to have a plan in place for how you will move forward. It’s important to have the conversation with your spouse when both of you have plenty of time to talk. This is not a conversation that you rush to get through, even though it will be one of the more difficult ones you will have in your life. There are couples that cannot find common ground when going through a divorce, but the majority of divorcing couples will be able to agree on the division of property, assets, child custody, alimony and other important factors that go into a divorce agreement. Not every divorce has to wind up in court. That’s where the collaborative approach to divorce can come into play. read more

How Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Might Be Just Like Yours

Divorce AttorneyWhile your bank account may be slightly smaller than that of billionaire Jeff Bezos’, you might be surprised to learn you may both go through the exact same process to achieve your divorce.  There are really only five ways to get a divorce, regardless of how much money and assets you have.

The Uncontested Divorce

In Florida, in order to get an uncontested divorce, you cannot be pregnant or have any children under the age of 18.  (Thus, the Bezos family doesn’t qualify. . . )  You have to agree on the division of assets and debts, meet the residency requirements, and agree the marriage is irretrievably broken.  Finally, neither party may receive alimony from the other in an uncontested divorce. read more