If you are unhappy in your marriage, then you may be contemplating

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a divorce or separation. You probably have a number of questions on your mind related to what will happen to your home, your family, and even your future. You may even wonder if divorce is your only option. While divorce is a common option for many, it’s not the only option. But there are also legal repercussions to consider in other alternatives to divorce, which you can discuss with a Coral Gables family law attorney.

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Counseling – Once you have come to the realization that you and your partner are unhappy together, then the first course of action is typically marital counseling and therapy. This involves meeting with a mental health professional, licensed counselor or clergy member to attempt to see if the issues in your marriage can be helped by an outside perspective.

The most common issues in a marriage, which often lead to divorce, include:

  • Financial problems and differences
  • Communication problems
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Lack of trust
  • Adultery
  • Abuse

Most of these can be helped to some extent with the insight of a therapist. If you do want to try to stay married, then counseling may be a good option. Unlike your divorce, you will stay married for the duration of your counseling sessions. Counseling can go on for as long as you feel necessary.

Legal Separation – Legal separation does make it easier for you to live apart. This is because legal separation in Florida allows you to address issues like child custody and finances while living apart from each other. Although you will be living apart from each other, this does not end your marriage.

What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?

There are several different reasons that you might elect to pursue a legal separation, which can include:

  • Attempting to live apart before committing to divorce
  • Annulment
  • Staying married
  • Opposition to divorce as a result of religious reasons
  • Choosing to live together separately until you meet the legal requirements in your state for residency and divorce.

Both divorce and separation require that you provide details about your taxes, income, and finances. Judges will also rule on many of the same issues in separation and divorce.

The primary distinction between these two is that separation can be temporary. Separation may last until you determine you want to move forward with a divorce or get back together. The majority of legal separations take between eight months and a year.

In order for your separation to be seen as legally binding in Florida, you need to consult with a Coral Gables family law attorney and file the official paperwork in your local court.

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Annulments – An annulment is a way of “erasing” your marriage—or making it appear as though it never legally happened or existed. You are eligible to receive an annulment if there are issues existing before your marriage that would render your marriage invalid legally. These include:

  • Forced arrest
  • Impotency
  • Insanity
  • Underage marriage or polygamy

The Same, But Different…

Annulments are similar to a divorce because the court will need to render a decision on major issues such as division of property, debts, spousal support and child custody and support.

Annulments are separate from divorces, however, because you are not eligible to make any future claims about workers’ compensation or Social Security.

Florida Courts require that you prove the cause of your annulment, and they can typically take between eight months and one year to complete. Bear in mind that not every situation will fit the bill for annulment, but you can find out whether or not it suits your needs by speaking with a Coral Gables family law attorney as soon as possible.

With a Coral Gables Family Law Attorney, You Have MORE Options…

To learn more about some other alternatives to divorce, as well as the legal implications associated with each, consider working with an experienced Coral Gables family law attorney for legal advice.

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