Surrogacy Family AttorneysThe concept of surrogacy can often be a vague one for those who may not understand what it really entails.

In fact, those who even have the slightest understanding of surrogacy are unaware of the legal considerations and steps that need to be accounted for and taken to ensure the overall care and guardianship of a child.

The Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan have over a decade of experience in handling and working with clients on their surrogacy cases.

Through that span of time, the professional legal team at the Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan has seen a great deal of clients and unique situations to be able to tell that no two are alike.

In addition, through the years, our attorneys have also picked up on a number of shocking misconceptions surrounding surrogacy as a whole.

Surrogate Mothers Only Want Money. In working with surrogate mothers as well as future parents—as well as society as a whole—believe that surrogate mothers only become surrogates for the money.

While there is a great deal of money involved, being a surrogate mother doesn’t mean the woman is free from emotional stress. Most, however, would also agree that surrogate mothers should be compensated for their efforts.

After all, most women who have naturally birthed children understand the emotional and physical stress that a woman is put under during a pregnancy.

Furthermore, women being the compassionate beings and nurturers they are naturally, will most often recognize the pain and desire another woman or couple experiences with trying for a child.

The Surrogate Will Change Her Mind. Most couples or future adopted parents fear that a surrogate mother will later change her mind and decide to keep the child she is carrying.

While many surrogate mothers feel an emotional and physical connection to the child she is carrying, as well as bouts of emotional concern during her pregnancy (and rightfully so), most surrogate mothers undergo an intense mental screening process to ensure she understands the role of a surrogate as well as the outcome.

For future parents who still might be concerned about the surrogacy process, it is better to seek legal advice and consultation to ensure that an agreement is drawn up between parents and the surrogate to ensure that all biological rights are terminated after the child is born.

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Surrogate Mothers Do Not Really Care about the Child. This is another myth. As mentioned above briefly, surrogate mothers are carefully selected and undergo a thorough and detailed screening process to ensure they fully understand the role of a surrogate.

In addition, many surrogate mothers often have children of their own so they understand the importance of taking the proper steps to a healthy pregnancy.

Furthermore, from an experienced mother to future parents, she understands it is likely that she will understand the need and desire to have and raise a healthy child. The truth is most surrogates are more than happy to be able to help a couple or parents to bring a child into the world.

Surrogacy Family Attorney

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