What are the ‘reasons’ for divorce?

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Everyone knows that the marriage and divorce rate in the United States is downright depressing. More than half of marriages end in divorce.

Most of us might wonder why that is. Does marriage not sustain societal changes and pressures? Is it just easier to get divorced rather than work through problems? Is money the problem?

Why are people getting divorced?

Regardless of what the reasons are for choosing to get a divorce, here are the four most common that divorce attorneys witness.

Abuse : Unfortunately, abuse is one of the most common reasons why people decide to get a divorce…and with good reason. No one should endure physical, verbal, emotional, or mental abuse or any of its other forms in any way in a marriage, especially a marriage where there are children.

Individuals who feel “trapped” in an abusive marriage should notify the authorities accordingly and contact a licensed Florida family law and divorce attorney immediately.

physical abuse in marriage

Money : This common divorce reason probably isn’t surprising to most. If you surveyed ten married couples and asked them what they spent the most time arguing about, most would agree that it is money.

Setting budgets, managing expenses, investing and saving, and even planning for the future is a very stressful thing, especially when there are children to consider. And in the event one spouse loses his or her job or is ill or injured and can’t work, these risks double.

money issue divorce

Lack of trust, communication or partnership : Over time, as life and a marriage changes, it can lead to a lack of communication, trust, and feeling of partnership and togetherness. Some couples would refer to this as a relationship going “stale”.

Unfortunately, when this happens, couples often lose trust in each other due to a feeling of a lack of partnership, dishonesty and disrespect, and even adultery.

In these scenarios, sometimes the person you thought you knew you married changes and a great deal of trust is lost and irreparable.

Lack of trust in marriage

Irreconcilable Differences” : It’s true that over time people, situations, and life can change. Life can also be harsh. It’s up to a married couple to either learn to be flexible with life or change together, otherwise the marriage breaks down.

At this point, sometimes couples feel like too much has happened to be repaired and neither party wants to reconcile their differences. Sometimes one partner wants to settle differences and the other does not.

A marriage and relationship takes two, and it takes work and commitment from both parties to settle differences. Unfortunately, in today’s society, many believe it’s just easier to get divorced rather than put in the time and work.

irreconcilable differences marriage

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All in all, regardless of the reason for divorce, whether the reason is labeled as “common” or not, it can be stressful, emotional, and challenging, especially if you are attempting it alone.

The professional legal team at the Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan are not only experienced and skilled at working with couples and individuals through legal divorce proceedings, but we are also compassionate and sympathetic for their situations and feelings.

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