Deciding to file for divorce is never an easy decision. While there are some situations where divorce can be messy and quite expensive, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a collaborative divorce, the entire process can be much less adversarial. Even though the concept of a collaborative divorce is one that was created back in the 1980’s, it is only in recent years that it has become more popular.

Divorce AttorneyDuring a collaborative divorce, a team of specialists, including mental health counselors, attorneys and financial advisors are used, in addition to other professionals to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. If a collaborative divorce sounds appealing to you, consider the specific benefits it offers, here.

It’s a Mutually Agreeable Divorce Process

One of the main reasons that a collaborative divorce is so effective is because it is a solution that allows the couple to determine what happens. A neutral mediator’s services are used to help ensure the lines of communication remain open, and everything is handled in a non-adversarial and save environment that helps to encourage cooperation and mutual respect from both sides.

A Collaborative Divorce is Easier on Kids

When hostility between a couple is minimized, the entire divorce process will be much less traumatic for any children who are involved. This type of divorce will minimize the conflict between parents, helping the children involved adjust better to their new living arrangements. Additionally, a collaborative divorce will help to set the stage for much better communication between parents after the divorce is complete.

Keep the Divorce Proceedings Out of Court

When you choose a collaborative divorce, it means that both parties are agreeing not to litigate and fight about issues in court, before a judge. When you use the services of neutral professionals, including a quality divorce attorney, you will be able to negotiate a settlement agreement with much less stress and a higher level of respect than what is typically found in a more traditional divorce process.

It’s a More Affordable Form of Divorce

The cost to get a divorce, when you are having to go back to court time and time again to settle different arguments can be extremely high. With a collaborative divorce, costs are kept down, allowing you to have more money to start over after the proceedings are complete.

A Collaborative Divorce is Faster

In most cases, a collaborative divorce is going to take much less time because the individuals involved and their lawyers will not be wasting their time or their money trying to figure things out in the courtroom. When you choose a collaborative divorce, you can simply go to court one time, in most cases, to get the judges approval.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, consider the benefits offered by a collaborative divorce. This process will help you save time, money and emotional trauma for you and your kids. While this type of divorce is focused on working things out, rather than arguing about everything, you may still need the services of a divorce attorney, so keep this in mind.

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