Divorce LawyerMichael Fishman is best known for his portrayal of DJ Conner, first on the series “Roseanne,” which ran from 1988 – 1997, and more recently on “The Conners,” a Roseanne re-boot which premiered in 2017.  Married in 1999, he and his wife of nearly 20 years filed for a legal separation in December of 2018.  Fishman was quite candid about the couple’s reasons for choosing separation over divorce.  As with so many couples, it came down to health insurance.  By legally separating rather than divorcing, Jenny is able to stay on Michael Fishman’s health insurance plan.  Of course, this is not always the case. Every couple should carefully read their health insurance policies to determine whether a legal separation disqualifies a spouse from receiving health insurance benefits.

Religious Reasons

Health insurance is just one of many reasons some couples choose separation over divorce.  Divorce and separation are very personal decisions.  Consequently, it makes sense that different people will prioritize different things and make different choices about how to end their marriages.  Some couples have religious reasons why a divorce is not an option.  However, a legal separation provides the couple with a legal structure for dividing assets and debts, assigning parenting time and child custody responsibilities, and determining financial support without the finality of a divorce decree.  For some couples, a separation satisfies their personal desires while still respecting their religious beliefs.

Financial Reasons

Other couples remain legally married for financial reasons.  Perhaps neither couple could get a home loan on their own, but together they can secure a mortgage.  Perhaps the market is such that selling the family home, beach house, or other property doesn’t make sense at the present time.  A legal separation can delay the divorce until such time as it makes better financial sense to do so.

Buying Time and Space

Still other couples take advantage of a legal separation to give themselves time and space to think.  Sometimes, the pain of a spouse’s infidelity, the shock of a spouse’s pending criminal charges, or other life circumstances is so overwhelming that it is difficult to see the big picture.  A separation, rather than rushing to divorce, can give couples much needed time to assess the situation and determine the best course of action for them.

Every Couple Has Their Own Reasons

Finally, some couples choose to remain legally married for other reasons.  Perhaps they wish to remain married, but only see each other on a limited basis.  Perhaps they believe it is better for their kids to have parents who are married to each other.  Perhaps they don’t wish to deal with negative responses from overbearing parents of their own.  There are any number of reasons why an adult couple may find separation to be more beneficial to them than divorce.

Considering Divorce or Separation?

If you are considering a divorce or separation, contact the attorneys at The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A.  We can meet with you and explore your options.  Whether a separation or a divorce is your choice, our Miami attorneys can assist you in developing a plan that is right for you and your family.  Call us today at 305-358-2330.

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