Can Men Be Paid Alimony?In a divorce, most assume women receive some form of alimony. But, can men qualify for alimony? As women become more successful in today’s economy, there has been an increase in the number of men receiving alimony from their ex-wives. According to a 2010 Census Bureau survey, 3 percent of those receiving alimony are men.

According to Pew Research, however, 37 percent of married wives make more than their husbands. So why are there so few men receiving alimony? The answer is simple. Men do not want to ask for it.

Being in financial distress just because you do not want to ask for it isn’t smart – especially if you were a stay-at-home dad. Alimony is all about leveling the playing field and ensuring no party is left in poverty post-divorce, which means a man may need alimony.

Do You Qualify for Alimony?

The courts assess both parties equally, regardless of gender. They look at how long the couple was married, the income of both parties, and the contribution of the partners. Some things the court will assess to see whether a man qualifies are:

• If the man makes less than his wife. The purpose of alimony is to prevent one party from leaving with more money (or all the money) and the other party without. If your wife made more than you during your marriage – often by a considerable amount – you could qualify for alimony. This is especially true if you have the same amount or more expenses than your wife.
• If you were a stay-at-home dad during the marriage or at the time of divorce. More men are staying at home with the kids while their wives take on careers. If you were a stay-at-home dad for several years, and out of the workforce or did not go to college, you may qualify for alimony.
• Did you sacrifice your own career so your wife could work? You didn’t go to college or advance in your career so that your wife could, and because of that, you are no longer able to get a high-paying position, or you may need to go back to school for proper training before you can take a higher-paying position. Read more about how you can protect yourself during a divorce here.

How Alimony is Calculated

Child support is a fixed rate that is not adjusted by the judge. Alimony, however, is up to the judge overseeing the case. To determine how much a man should be awarded, a judge will take into account the above factors as well as the age and health of the male. Both spouses are treated equally under the law, so if there is a large financial discrepancy, the courts are going to award alimony to the man, but only if requested by his attorney.

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There is nothing wrong with a man receiving alimony. If you are divorcing from your wife, you have the right to receive financial support, especially if you sacrificed your own career opportunities for your wife. Contact Miami alimony lawyer at the Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan today for a no obligation consultation.