If you have filed for divorce, there are going to be consequences, regardless of if you go through with it, or not. While some couples find they have made the proper decision to legally end their marriage, others aren’t sure if divorce is the right option. In some situations, couples may make the decision to reconcile even after they have filed the divorce papers.

The good news is, the Florida family court system has made it pretty easy for couples who have filed for divorce to put the proceedings on hold, or to stop them altogether. In most cases, the process is as easy as filing a single, simple form.

The Motion to Abate

In situations where the couple wants to work on their marriage before they decide to get divorced, they can put a hold on the proceedings by filing the Motion to Abate. It depends on what county the divorce is filed in, but this hold can last for 60 to 90 days. This provides the couple with enough time to seek marriage counseling and make a final decision regarding whether or not their marriage has a future. If the couple decides to move forward with the divorce after this period, they need to file a Motion to Continue the Proceedings.

Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss the Dissolution

If the couple makes the decision to remain together, they need to file this. With this document, the case is closed, and it is as if the divorce was never filed, to begin with. However, if the couple decides to divorce after this, they would have to start from the very beginning. This means they would have to pay a new filing fee, which is usually around $400. As a result, most Florida divorce attorneys recommend a person to choose wisely. While divorce is tough, couples can save themselves both money and time if they are sure of their decision before they file initially.

Seeking Legal Counsel

Any time a couple is facing divorce, or some other family law issue, seeking legal advice is the best course of action. A lawyer can review the situation and help a couple know what they should do. If both parties believe the filing was a mistake, they do have options. A lawyer can help them explore these options and ensure they fully understand what their rights are in the situation.

While it may be tempting for some couples to keep their divorce quiet and go through the process without bringing anyone else into it, this is usually not a good course of action. A strong support system of family and friends and a quality attorney can help make the process much less stressful.

Regardless of if a couple has decided to go through with their divorce or try to work things out, having the services of a divorce lawyer is beneficial. To learn more, contact the attorneys at The Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan, PA by calling 305-358-2330.