Top 5 Ways Domestic Violence Affects Children

Top 5 Ways Domestic Violence Affects ChildrenDomestic violence is a pervasive, toxic cycle that impacts everybody differently. Victims of domestic violence may feel compelled to remain with their abuser to keep up appearances, provide a two-parent home for their children, or to avoid the potential of a legal battle. However, even if children aren’t directly targeted by abuse, they can carry the residual effects of abuse with them for decades.

Regression and Other Behavioral Problems

The immediately visible effects of domestic abuse depend a lot on the age of the child when the abuse started. When children experience abuse at a young age, they may regress to earlier stages of development. A child who’s been toilet trained for years may suddenly start having accidents, or a previously verbal child might return to babbling or baby talk. Children might refuse to do things they are capable of doing for themselves and become more needy or emotionally insecure. read more