What is the Purpose of Child Support?

Miami family law attorneyParents all too often assume that child support should only cover food and clothing – but the truth is child support is meant to do much more than that. In fact, child support is designed to cover multiple expenses, including school activities, supplies, medical bills, housing, extracurricular activities, and more.

Florida has very strict guidelines for child support – and these guidelines determine each parent’s responsibilities. The goal is to agree on an amount that supports the child fairly. Additionally, the amount is based on how much parenting time each parent has with the child. read more

What is Parent and Child Timesharing?

When we first think “timesharing” we think of a hotel or other property that we rent for a block of vacation time. Never do we associate that with children or stepchildren. So what does divorce, family law, and child custody have to do with “timesharing”?

Some might be taken aback by the concept of “child timesharing”, thinking that parents or guardians must “reserve” time with their rightful child. But it doesn’t quite work like that.

Child Custody and Timesharing Basics

child timesharingChild “timesharing” refers to the same concepts as “custody” and “visitation”. However, the state of Florida has chosen to utilize the word “timesharing” in their place. read more

Same-Sex Marriage, Divorce, and Family Law

Same Sex Divorce Attorney MiamiToday, the family dynamic can no longer be defined as a heterosexual (male and female) couple and biological children created and birthed by both heterosexual parents.

The “traditional” family dynamic can no longer be defined. Families today consist of heterosexual and homosexual parents, adopted children, biological children, and even stepchildren, and sometimes even a mix of all of the above.

While today’s family dynamic is much more diverse, which can be a beautiful thing, it can also stir up some legal issues. Working with a trusted and reputable family law attorney in the state of Florida can help. read more