On July 1st of this year, a new and groundbreaking law in the state of Florida went into effect regarding collaborative divorce.

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The new law, which is referred to as the Collaborative Law Process Act, is a new standard that many attorneys who handle divorce in Miami are using for their clients.The new law offers an alternative to litigation for your divorce throughout the state of Florida.


What Does the New Collaborative Divorce Law Mean for Divorce in Miami?

When the collaborative law is used, the couple who is going through a divorce will handle the process with a voluntary settlement method. This is a process that is used instead of going to court to litigate the case. The rules of the law have been worked and reworked for over five years, and the process has included input from the Florida Bar’s Family Law Section.


Benefits of the Collaborative Process

Now, when a couple is filing for divorce in Miami, they have a process where they can handle the divorce in private and avoid destroying and tearing apart their family. Some of the specific benefits offered to couples who choose to use the collaborative process include:

  • A divorce that is centered on what is best for any children involved. At the forefront of this process is keeping in mind what the best situation for the couple’s children will be.
  • Another benefit is that, unlike traditional court proceedings, all the information in the collaborative process remains confidential.
  • Everything is controlled by the couple. Rather than lawyers and judges being in control of what happens, the couple determines everything.
  • Team-oriented. With the new process, a team of experts is gathered to help the attorney and both clients agree on the terms of the divorce. The experts will come from the fields of relationship issues, parenting and finance.

As you can see, in the long run, utilizing the new collaborative process when going through a divorce in Miami offers a number of benefits that are not available if you go to court. It makes the process easier and much more manageable for everyone involved.

Contact an Attorney for Help with a Divorce in Miami

If you are facing a divorce in Miami, regardless of how you choose to handle it, hiring a divorce attorney is always your best option. They can help you understand what choices you may have and figure out what method of divorce is right for you.

If you have questions or are ready to hire a divorce attorney in Florida, contact the lawyers at The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A. by calling 305-358-2330.

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