Deciding to initiate and go through a divorce is never easy—especially when children are involved. Going through the process during the holiday season is even more difficult…

Divorce Process During HolidaysNOT the Most Wonderful Time of Year…

Sometimes you have a choice about when and how to start the divorce process. Sometimes you don’t. And, while many divorces are initiated and fully wrapped up within a few months, many other divorces take several months (or years) to complete—and that may mean that the holiday season will come and go.

If you and your spouse realize it is time to part ways, it is up to both of you when to take the steps to formalize the split. That may be before, during, or after the holidays. If you are the one initiating the split—possibly against the wishes of your spouse—only you can decide when the timing is right.

Many spouses decide to wait until after the holidays to initiate divorce proceedings, but every case is different and you need to do what feels right to you.

When You Live Together . . .

Many families who are still living together during the holidays give it the old college try and work together to provide a great time for the children. Oftentimes, knowing it is the last holiday season that the family will spend together is bittersweet – but it can also be a good motivator to overcome your differences and create a happy (or at least bearable) atmosphere for everyone.

When You Live Apart . . .

For those spouses and families that are living apart during the holiday season, it is very likely that a temporary divorce decree and a temporary custody schedule are in effect.

If that is the case, then it is very important to follow those plans and to take into consideration the feelings and family traditions of everyone involved.

You Might Not Know What to Do. Reach Out for Help and Support . . .

If you have children and you are just not sure how to approach the holiday season, you could reach out to your children’s teachers and other care providers to get their feedback. Teachers have seen it all when it comes to divorced parents, so they may have some very helpful feedback.

If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to teachers, you could contact your pediatrician for suggestions. You should also consider talking to a family counselor. You are not a divorce expert and likely not a child psychologist, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Get in Touch with Florida Divorce Attorney Today

And, of course, for legal advice and proceedings pertaining to your separation, child custody, and divorce, be sure to call your Florida divorce attorney.

Whether or not you have children, going through the holiday season while in the middle of a divorce can, at time, feel a bit depressing and lonely. The holidays are often a difficult time of year for many people. Know that you are not alone. You have family, friends, and a reputable Florida divorce attorney to count on.

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