divorce lawyer MiamiUnfortunately divorce is a common occurrence today…so common that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The reasons for this vary, but ultimately it is a hard and true fact in today’s society.

Divorce can also get complicated, especially regarding the custody of children and the division of assets. The professional and experienced divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Aliette Hernandez Carolan, P.A. in Miami, Florida can help.

The law offices of Aliette H. Carolan understand that the division of assets and liabilities can be complex and is also one of the most important things to consider during the breakdown of a marriage.

Our lawyers have a great deal of experience and knowledge in these areas and have a proven track record of success in assisting clients with the division of assets to ensure that their rights are protected as well as the overall divorce process.

What is the Difference Between Non-Marital and Marital Assets?

One of the primary steps that must be taken during the divorce process is taking note of all non-marital and marital assets. This basically means that spouses need to determine which assets they have a right to individually and which they share.

In addition to assets, liabilities also need to be considered in the same fashion: those debts or liabilities that were incurred individually and those which are shared.

Determining non-martial and marital assets and liabilities can be tricky. Non-marital assets are categorized as any assets or liabilities there were obtained prior to the marriage.

Basically, in order to make this portion of the process easier, spouses can document any assets or liabilities that were incurred by each party, either on an individual or joint basis, before or during the marriage.

This can later be drawn up in a valid agreement that will be put in motion through the legal divorce process by a divorce attorney.

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One of the most difficult assets to divide and which can cause a great deal of dispute is property. In the state of Florida, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Aliette Hernandez Carolan, PA always work with clients to ensure that equitable division of assets, including property, is carried out fairly.

Florida state court mandates that the distribution and division of assets should be equal, unless there is a legitimate and solid rationale behind why the division of assets is unequal.

Some of these rationales or factors may include how long the marriage lasted, the contribution to the household, joint income, and any dependent children by each spouse, if a spouse experienced an interruption in his or her career or education, and what is in the best interest of any dependent children.

Licensed Divorce Attorney Miami

All in all, the division of assets in any divorce can be very complex. This is why it is helpful to have a licensed and professional Miami divorce attorney on your side to ensure your rights to your rightful share of assets.

To see how the professional attorneys at the law offices of Aliette H. Carolan can help ensure you keep the assets you are rightful to and deserve, contact our legal team today at 305-358-2330 for a free initial, no-obligation consultation and interview.

We will review your case and your current situation, as well as what you would like to see from the outcome of your divorce, and help put together a case that benefits you.