Miami Divorce AttorneyWhile a divorce may be a mutual decision made by both you and your spouse, it doesn’t mean you are ready to part with anything important to you—including your money and your home.

Unfortunately, marriages don’t always work out the way you might have dreamed. For many couples, a divorce is a healthy decision for both parties that can provide happiness and relieve anxiety from any consistent or unsafe problems. While separating isn’t easy, dividing up your belongings can be equally as difficult.

Regardless of how smooth or difficult your separation or divorce may be, having an experienced Miami divorce attorney on your side can make the process easier.

Going Through a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be hard on you and your family, but it can be even harder on your wallet. To avoid extensive confrontation and anger between both parties, Florida state law was established to equally distribute all assets and debts as fairly as possible.

During the divorce process, a Miami divorce attorney will be by your side while you and your spouse go through both non-marital and marital assets.

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Marital Assets

Marital assets can vary from person to person, but these items are generally things you have received while married to your partner or things you have given your spouse. For example, these items can include:

  • Gifts given to you or your spouse during the marriage
  • Any property that was acquired before or during the marriage is considered a marital asset
  • Any assets that were obtained during the marriage, whether it was by the both of you, just you, or just your spouse

There are more marital assets that can be found here.

Non-marital Assets

Defining non-marital assets can help move the process along quickly as it will draw a fine line between what is split equally and individually.

For example, a non-marital asset can be any sort of income you have received on the side or without the knowledge of your spouse.

Equal Distribution

Once you and your spouse have defined which assets are individual and which require equal distribution,the court can then proceed with the division process. Because there is a time frame in which the valuation of assets may occur, it is important to work quickly and accurately.

When the court is determining how to equally divide the assets, including your home and finances, they will look at a few factors. These factors can include the duration of a marriage, if any of the assets were intentionally destroyed or used to avoid distribution, the contribution of each party to the marriage, such as raising children, and many other factors.

Hire A Qualified Miami Divorce Attorney

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