A divorce that involves children is often challenging, because moms and dads want to do their best to keep things normal for the kids, even though there’s nothing ‘normal’ about he dissolution of a marriage.

A family law attorney that is experienced in handling these circumstances can help foster an atmosphere in which both sides work together to minimize the conflict as much as possible. The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A., is that kid of firm, and our team has some tips that can help divorcing couples with children make the best out of a bad situation.

Tips To Help Parents In a Divorce That Involves Children 

Miami Divorce LawyerOne of the realities of being a family law attorney is that you tend to see a range of emotions when a family is breaking apart due to a divorce. And nowhere is that emotion more raw and painful than with children who realize that their parents won’t be together anymore.

But as a parent, you still have the power to influence how your children react to and experience a divorce, and some of the ways you can do that include:

  • Don’t Badmouth the Other Parent – Your kids are fragile during a divorce, and the last thing they want is to hear is that their mom or dad is a bad person. Never insult or otherwise belittle the other parent in front of your children. No matter how you feel about the other person, keep your children away from that anger and hostility.
  • Encourage Your Children To Express Their Feelings – Children often think that a divorce is somehow their fault, so it’s important that you let them express their feelings, even if those feelings are negative. Your kids may be angry with you, and even blame you for the divorce, but you should always encourage them to express their feelings, and do your best to answer the questions they ask you, unless an honest answer would hurt them even more.
  • Never Discuss Divorce In Front of Children – Keep discussions about your divorce between you, the other party and your family law attorney. Divorce discussions can lead to arguments, and the last thing your kids need is to hear mom and dad fighting.

Contact a Miami Divorce Lawyer To Help Protect Your Rights

 When you have children, going through a divorce can seem so much worse, because you know the process is going to have an effect on them despite all your best efforts. That’s why you need to hire a Miami divorce lawyer who understands the psychological, emotional and legal aspects of these cases, and can help you navigate through this tricky process.

The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A., specializes in divorce and family law, and all our lawyers are experienced in handling cases where children are involved. Please contact us today at 305-358-2330 to schedule a confidential consultation about your case.