If you’re facing divorce, you probably are worried about a number of things: How will you afford your living expenses? What life will be like alone? How will your children receive the proper care? …and probably many other questions.

However, by working with an experienced family law attorney, you will get your most pressing and stressful questions answered…and then some.


So what is the best track for divorce? In our experience, mediation is the best course for settling a divorce—saving both parties a great teal of time and money.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process that is very common in divorces. It is an easier, basic, and to-the-point resolution for a divorce. The process of mediation involves both parties, their attorneys, and a court-appointed mediator who listens to both sides of the story, their proposed agreements, and will settle any outstanding issues—if necessary.

In fact, many divorced couples would agree that mediation is the best possible process for ending a marriage. Many even admitted that mediation offered opportunities to both couples that neither had considered prior to initiating a divorce.

How Can Mediation Help Save Me Money?

Not only is mediation the preferred process for divorces, it also saves parties time and money—particularly with legal fees. In addition, the mediation process is private rather than sharing your business in the middle of a courtroom in front of a judge.

Because a divorce is settled outside of court, this saves a great deal of time and legal fees for both couples and their attorneys as there are fewer legal proceedings and hearings that need to be scheduled.

On the other hand, while mediation is a creative problem-solving process that is often successful for divorcing parties, we understand that it isn’t for everyone and there are no two cases and divorce situations alike.

Hire an Experienced Divorce & Family Law Attorney Florida

Regardless of your divorce situation, an experienced family law attorney who is extremely familiar with mediation and divorces can certainly help to determine if mediation is right for your divorce and your family. A good family law attorney will take the time to learn about your family’s situation and your ultimate goals for your family’s future.

For more information on getting a divorce in Florida or how and if mediation can work for you, contact the Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan today. Call us for your initial consultation today at 305-358-2330.

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