Increased Divorce Rates Expected During Holiday SeasonThe holidays are just around the corner from Thanksgiving dinner parties to holiday shopping to the cold, snowy weather, this time of year can be incredibly stressful. So, it is no surprise that the holiday season is also one of the peaks for divorce. While January is the highest month for divorces, the problems start before the holidays.

Why January Sees the Most Divorce Filings

Couples often start having issues before the holiday season even begins, but for the sake of their families (especially their children), they often hold out and endure the holidays before announcing their decision. Thus, why January sees such a jump in divorce filings.

But, that’s not the only reason. Holidays themselves bring out a lot in people. From showing how they handle stress to taking out anxiety on your loved ones, holidays can start problems that lead to divorce.

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Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

If you and your spouse are considering filing for divorce before or after the holiday season, there are a few things to consider:

Is it Just Stress?: Divorce is emotional, expensive, and can take its toll on the entire family. Before filing for divorce, ask yourself if your marriage can be saved. Have you tried counseling? If you have done everything you can, then file for divorce. Although holiday stress can be the reason couples divorce, remember that holidays come to an end.
Make a Plan: You and your spouse need to familiarize yourself with the local divorce laws, then come up with a plan on how you will file for divorce. Decide the best arrangement for any children. The more you can figure out before you file, the easier the divorce process will be.
Children First: While the divorce may be between you and your spouse, there are children involved. While an arrangement might be easy to plan in some situations, remember that children are often the most hurt through a divorce. Keep your kids first and reassure them throughout the process. Keep them informed and avoid saying negative or harsh things about the other parent to your children.

Hire an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

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