Risk of DivorceThere are many different reasons that couples in Florida and across the United States choose to get divorced. There are some particular life events, however, that can put a high level of stress on a couple that seemed to be functioning relatively well before.

The stress of your life can increase significantly with these major life events and your marriage may not be able to stand up to the pressure.

The more that you and your spouse struggle with these big life events, the higher your divorce risk.

If you’ve already determined that filing for divorce is the most appropriate option for you, consulting with a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Miami is the next step.

There’s no one formula that can give you an idea of whether or not you and your spouse may ultimately divorce. When you got married, perhaps things were different.

Both circumstances and people change over time. If you feel as though it’s gotten to be too much lately, perhaps the best way to protect yourself is to think about divorce.

1. Big Job Changes

A 2011 research study from Ohio State University showed that men who were unemployed were more likely to leave their wives but they were also more likely to be left by their wives.

The job loss of one or both partners can cause a sudden level of stress about security, responsibilities and money. These can ultimately transfer over into resentment and marital dissatisfaction.

Have you recently changed jobs and taken on more responsibility, your stress might show up at home, too.

This can ultimately cause more tension between you and your spouse, particularly if the schedule and workload is not likely to change anytime soon.

2. Disability

Whether you give birth to a child with a disability or one or both partners sustains injuries in an accident, disability can change your life in big ways.

Helping a family member who is suffering from a disability often requires a great deal of time, energy and financial support. A couple may struggle to work together after a disability impacts their family.

When one spouse develops a chronic health condition, the whole dynamic of the relationship can be changed.

One study from Iowa State University indicated that divorce rates were 6% higher in relationships where a wife had an illness like heart disease, lung disease or cancer. Divorce rates, however, did not increase in that study when husbands were in poor health.

You should not beat yourself up if disability has impacted your marriage. Greater care and a lost paycheck can represent a great deal of stress for a couple.

Rather than getting upset, think about whether or not you and your spouse are committed to making things work or whether it’s better to go your separate ways. Disability can make life much more complicated.

3. Trauma

Any traumatic event that the couple shares can make things more difficult after the event is over with. Some couples may grow closer during this experience but others may push each other away.

Sometimes a spouse is an unfortunate reminder of a traumatic event that has happened in the past, making it difficult for one or both parties to be on the same page after it happens.

The death of a loved one or a child, for example, can be extremely challenging for a couple that appeared to be relatively happy and stable prior to the traumatic event. Trauma may also be a problem for children.

4. Infidelity

Lack of trust and infidelity, not surprisingly, makes the list of life events that can trigger the breakdown of your marriage.

However, deciding to recognize the issues in the relationship and setting up counselling can be helpful for getting both partners on the same page and helping them to remember their marital goals. However, for some couples, an affair and a history of cheating is simply the final nail in the coffin for their marriage.

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