Anti-MarriageAVVO recently conducted a survey on relationships and identified that things have changed when it comes to marriage in the United States. In fact, just 42% of millennials think that marriage is a really life goal.

A Pew Research study, however, shows that one-quarter of millennials are more likely to stay single in their mid-40s and mid-50s, and a separate Pew Research study identifies that more people than ever will probably never get married.

These confusing results bring to mind the question: If millennials support marriage, then why aren’t they actually getting married? Several different factors are at play.

Millennials aren’t just thinking about getting married in different terms than other generations, but they approach many marriage-related subjects differently, too.

For example, it’s becoming increasingly common for prenuptial agreements, and attorneys report that more women than ever are the ones asking for these agreements.

For those Millennials thinking about getting married, speaking with someone about a prenuptial agreement is strongly recommended. A Florida family lawyer can help you determine what belongs in a prenup and how to best protect your interests.

Lack of Independence

More than 40% of male millennials still live at home with their parents. This is the greatest number of young men living with their families since the Great Depression. There is even social theories that millennials have introduced a new life era known as emerging adulthood.

Since some millennials are taking a longer time to become independent and to mature, they’re relying on their parents longer than in any other period in history. Twenty-two percent of millennials, in fact, believe they just aren’t ready to settle down.

It’s hard to picture a future with someone else if you have not quite figured out your own future. Many Millennials may be putting off big decisions like marriage because they just don’t see how it fits into their current way of living.

More younger people are coping with the challenges of living at home and being responsible for serious student debt burdens, too.

Financial Issues

There are many different issues why marriage may not be a priority for millennials even if they support it as an institution. Eighty-two percent of millennials, for example, disagree that marriage is an outdated institution and yet one-quarter of millennials aren’t financially stable.

Millennials are also carrying the heaviest burden of student loan debt across history and only around 20% of millennials feel that their education has actually prepared them for their career.

Since many are struggling to find stability in their career or to pay off their loans and other debt, going through the process of getting engaged and married might not be in the cards.

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Dating Problems

Around 30% of millennials believe that they are not getting hitched because they haven’t identified Mr. or Mrs. Right. While there are plenty of ways to meet people online and endless apps designed to introduce you to your soul mate, a report from shows that social media may have actually made it more challenging to date than ever before.

Since people are so careful about what they post online, it is challenging to get to know someone online or via applications.

With less face-to-face contact it’s easier than ever to stay in constant touch with people, but the speed of relationships may be too much, too soon.

Some Millennials simply throw up their hands with it comes to dating, deciding to stay alone purposefully. This is why it’s expected that one-quarter of everyone in this age category will stay single for life, a trend that may impact population growth in the U.S.

Millennials View Marriage as a Future Possibility, Not a Time-Sensitive Demand

Twenty-five percent of millennials are living with their partner. One study showed that couples who lived together before getting engaged were more likely to divorce.

Millennials may also have a higher fear of broken marriages since so many of them come from homes where parents were divorced.

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