Surrogacy Lawyers FloridaHaving children is one of life’s miracles, but many parents face the unfortunate issue of infertility, where parents are unable to conceive a child.

Thanks to continuous advancements in technology, infertility does not mean that parents can’t have children. While this can mean miracles for families, it is important to reach out to a legal team before jumping into the world of surrogacy alone.

What kinds of surrogacy options are available?

Gestational surrogacy involves a set of parents who want to legally adopt an infant. Because gestational surrogacy involves fertilizing the egg of a surrogate, this would legally mean that the surrogate is the rightful biological birth parent of the child. Once a legal adoption has taken place, then the child will belong to the adoptive parents rather than the surrogate.

Traditional surrogacy is when a fertilized embryo is implanted into a surrogate mother. The embryo is from the commissioning parents or potentially fertilized by one of the parents. In this instance, no adoption is necessary but the affirmation of parental rights is conducted during a legal proceeding.

What if I’m the surrogate?

Volunteering as a surrogate can be a wonderful and life-changing experience, knowing that you are helping another family enjoy the miracle of life. But as a surrogate parent, you have your own rights to consider. For example, whether the surrogacy agreement is genetic, including your own eggs, or if the fertilized embryo you are carrying is not yours.

How will a lawyer help me?

Regardless of whether you are the surrogate parent or the family awaiting your child, having a law team by your side is a great way to ensure that you understand everything throughout the process and know what the next steps are during your journey.

As a surrogate, a lawyer will inform you of all your rights, protect your interests, and ensure that you are being treated respectfully and appropriately. While you have your own rights as a surrogate parent, you also have certain obligations that you must abide by in the state of Florida. A lawyer can help keep you aware of what is needed throughout to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

For families who are expanding through surrogacy, a lawyer can protect your rights as well. An experienced surrogacy attorney can help negotiate the surrogacy agreement, help you through the adoption process if necessary, and attend the parental rights proceedings during a traditional surrogacy.

Hiring a Surrogacy Attorney

When it comes to surrogacy, in the state of Florida, hiring a surrogacy lawyer can help ensure both parties are treated fairly and their interests are protected.

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