The Divorce Numbers in Florida

Divorce Lawyer Miami 1In 2009, Divorces in the state of Florida were at an all-time low in approximately forty years. However, this changed in 2014. In fact, Florida is the fifth highest state in divorce with over 13.1 percent of residents filing for divorce. But, what is driving higher divorce rates in Florida than other areas of the country?


Divorces often decrease with unemployment simply because couples cannot afford to get divorced while unemployed. However, as the unemployment rates in Florida slowly decrease, the divorce rates also increase. read more

Back to School Essentials: Child Custody Tips for Parents

Back-to-school tips for Child Custody Tips for ParentsDealing with visitation is one thing in the summer and an entirely different thing during the school year. This is why it is no surprise that back-to-school time is also one of the busiest times for custody and visitation disputes.

Parents have a lot to think about in regards to child visitation, such as negotiating visitation around school days, schedules, homework, and extra-curricular activities and after-school programs to think about when the school year rolls around.

Whether you are newly divorced or you have been divorced for some time, consider these back-to-school tips to keep your child custody arrangement dispute-free. read more

What is Parent and Child Timesharing?

When we first think “timesharing” we think of a hotel or other property that we rent for a block of vacation time. Never do we associate that with children or stepchildren. So what does divorce, family law, and child custody have to do with “timesharing”?

Some might be taken aback by the concept of “child timesharing”, thinking that parents or guardians must “reserve” time with their rightful child. But it doesn’t quite work like that.

Child Custody and Timesharing Basics

child timesharingChild “timesharing” refers to the same concepts as “custody” and “visitation”. However, the state of Florida has chosen to utilize the word “timesharing” in their place. read more