5 Common Financial Conflicts in a Divorce

Divorce Attorney MiamiDivorce isn’t simply couples going their separate ways. In fact, there are many financial repercussions that couples do not realize in the beginning until they have filed and are working through mediation. Whether you are thinking about filing divorce or you are already in the process, here are five common money issues that must be addressed.

A divorce, especially with money involved, can become a sticky situation. While you and your partner may reach an amicable agreement, other cases can require the expertise of a divorce attorney in Miami to ensure your best interests and future are protected. read more

How to Value a Family Run Company

Asset Division in MiamiDeciding the value of a family run company when undergoing a divorce may be one of the most challenging tasks to handle in Family Court. Usually, only one partner in a marriage runs the business. But, in the event of a divorce, mistrust and suspicion arise.

Here include three general issues on asset division which arise concerning dividing and valuing a family run company:

1. Date of valuation of the company. Typically, the company is valued as near to the date of settlement (or trial) as possible, according to Family Code Section 2552(a). As explained below, however, there might be reasons to value the company at an earlier time, like the date of separation. read more