Increased Divorce Rates Expected During Holiday Season

Increased Divorce Rates Expected During Holiday SeasonThe holidays are just around the corner from Thanksgiving dinner parties to holiday shopping to the cold, snowy weather, this time of year can be incredibly stressful. So, it is no surprise that the holiday season is also one of the peaks for divorce. While January is the highest month for divorces, the problems start before the holidays.

Why January Sees the Most Divorce Filings

Couples often start having issues before the holiday season even begins, but for the sake of their families (especially their children), they often hold out and endure the holidays before announcing their decision. Thus, why January sees such a jump in divorce filings. read more

Divorce and the Division of Assets

divorce lawyer MiamiUnfortunately divorce is a common occurrence today…so common that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The reasons for this vary, but ultimately it is a hard and true fact in today’s society.

Divorce can also get complicated, especially regarding the custody of children and the division of assets. The professional and experienced divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Aliette Hernandez Carolan, P.A. in Miami, Florida can help.

The law offices of Aliette H. Carolan understand that the division of assets and liabilities can be complex and is also one of the most important things to consider during the breakdown of a marriage. read more