Why Do I Need a Reproductive Law Attorney?

They say that you don’t get a manual when you have a baby, so why would you need a lawyer if you are adopting, obtaining a baby via surrogacy, or using another reproductive method?

Reproductive-Law-AttorneyThe reason it is wise to hire a reproductive law attorney is because while natural childbirth with the two biological parents serving as the parents is straightforward, other types of reproduction can be anything but simple.

Laws vary from state to state regarding all types of reproductive techniques and adoption, so whether you are planning on staying within Florida or going to another state and then returning to Florida in the course of your reproductive efforts, it is important that you have clear legal rights to the child. read more

Does A Sperm Donor Equal a Dad?

Does-A-Sperm-Donor-Equal-a-DadAn emerging issue in reproductive law in Florida and throughout the United States is managing the parental rights of sperm donors.

Many sperm donors are no longer anonymous and this triggers the potential for parental rights if the sperm donor, or the mother, wants such rights to exist.

There are approximately 30,000 births every year from donated sperm. The vast majority of sperm donors remain anonymous, but there is a small number of donors who are not anonymous.

And the number of prospective parents are choosing a non-anonymous path. This could partly be due to changing social perceptions about sperm donation and concerns about the health of unknown and anonymous sperm donors. read more