What Has Fueled the Huge Growth in Surrogacy In the Past Decade?

The number of babies that have been born from surrogacy has grown dramatically over the past decade. The number of gestational surrogacies has grown from about 700 in 2004 to over 1,400 in 2010. Notably, Florida, due to its relatively welcoming stance on surrogacy, has seen a particularly large increase in surrogacies.

Fueled by the Internet

Surrogacy Laws in FloridaThe popularity and accessibility of surrogacy has been partially fueled by the internet. Hundreds of surrogacy agency websites, blogs, and chat rooms have provided prospective parents (often called intended parents) a huge amount of information about surrogacy. read more

What Does a Surrogacy Lawyer Do?

Advances in science and technology have led to a growth of remarkable options for couples who wish to have children. Surrogacy has become a viable and increasingly popular option for couples to start and grow a family.

Finding the right candidate to carry a baby can be stressful and overwhelming. The legal aspect should not be.

legal aspect of surrogacy in floridaOnce a surrogate mother is identified, there will still be several decisions to be made pertaining to the term of the pregnancy and many related matters.

The reality is that most intended parents and their surrogate mother will form a relationship unlike any other. The parties involved will have to decide just how close they will allow themselves and their contemplated child(ren) to be post birth. read more