What Has Fueled the Huge Growth in Surrogacy In the Past Decade?

The number of babies that have been born from surrogacy has grown dramatically over the past decade. The number of gestational surrogacies has grown from about 700 in 2004 to over 1,400 in 2010. Notably, Florida, due to its relatively welcoming stance on surrogacy, has seen a particularly large increase in surrogacies.

Fueled by the Internet

Surrogacy Laws in FloridaThe popularity and accessibility of surrogacy has been partially fueled by the internet. Hundreds of surrogacy agency websites, blogs, and chat rooms have provided prospective parents (often called intended parents) a huge amount of information about surrogacy. read more

The Basics : Understanding Surrogacy Law In Florida

Understanding Surrogacy Law In FloridaSurrogacy is a terribly complex section of reproductive law. Across the fifty states laws can vary dramatically.

Florida’s surrogacy law is more restrictive than some states, such as California, but less restrictive than others such as Washington, D.C.

Surrogacy comes in two forms. Most surrogacies come as gestational surrogacy in which the pregnancy is created through in vitro fertilization where the egg from outside the body is fertilized and then implanted in the surrogate’s uterus.

Alternatively, the “traditional “type of surrogacy involves fertilizing an egg within the surrogate with the father’s sperm. This traditional type has fallen out of favor and now makes up only five percent of all surrogacies. read more