December 1, 2016

My meetings with Aliette were always professional. I was constantly impressed with not only her knowledge but also her caring nature. As my case progressed, I was continuously reminded of her human side. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart. This was my first divorce experience, but I always felt at ease in her office. As I came to learn, divorce is not black and white. My biggest fear was the fear of the unknown. Aliette made me feel comfortable. She relaxed my fears. She not only gave me excellent professional advice, but also she gave me family advice, as if I was a part of her family. I cannot imagine making it through this process with any other attorney. I think in my mind, she redefined my previous definition of an attorney. The legal profession needs more people like Aliette. And maybe that is my point, I would refer to Aliette as a person or a friend, not a stone cold attorney whose only interest is winning a case, at whatever the cost. I would not hesitate to refer any friend or family member to Aliette if they ever have any family issues, divorce or otherwise. I hope I never need another divorce attorney again, but if I do, Aliette would be the only person I would hire. In fact, I would include her entire staff. When I say Aliette, I would be remiss if I did not include her knowledgeable staff under that same umbrella. it would not be uncommon to receive emails late in the evening from her staff. From the moment I walked into her office, I was treated warmly by not only Aliette, but her entire staff. I am still not comfortable with the idea of divorce, but I am comfortable with hiring Aliette and her staff.