With the summer months quickly approaching, divorced parents are going to face an all new custody challenge. When kids are out of school, it is often necessary to reevaluate the custody arrangement and alter it, if necessary. Tips of SummertimeFor example, who is going to provide care during the day and who will pay for camps or other care programs if they are necessary? These are all questions that can be difficult for some parents to answer; however, there are some tips that can help make summertime custody arrangements a bit easier and less stressful.

To help navigate new summertime custody issues without stress, use the tips found here. It may also be beneficial to seek advice and guidance from your divorce attorney.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

While this may seem obvious, it is important to communicate with the other parent. Everyone leads busy lives, but it is imperative you notify the other parent of any changes in your schedule. Also, make sure to provide information about summer activities and vacation plans in advance.

If you don’t communicate changes or schedule issues, the other parent may not be able to accommodate what you need. By being open and communicating with one another, you can help reduce the issues you face.

Think about Your Child Before Making Decisions

If you are going to make changes in a custody arrangement, make sure to think about your child’s emotions. For example, is the new schedule going to result in the child missing the other parent? Be sure that you let your child have a voice and that they are able to maintain digital contact with the other parent as desired.

Don’t Skip Child Support Payments

While your child may start spending more time with you during the summer, it doesn’t mean that your child support payments are going to change. Unless you originally specified that the amount would be different based on a new, summertime arrangement, you will still owe the same amount each month. If you feel like this is unfair, you should petition the court – with the help of your attorney – to have an official change made in the child support amounts. However, never stop or reduce payment amounts until it has been court ordered.

In most cases, it is best to hire your divorce attorney before making any type of custody decision or changes during the summer months. Keep in mind, the custody arrangements you originally created in your parenting plan are going to remain unchanged, regardless of what time of year it is. Unless you have specified a certain summertime arrangement ahead of time, and are planning to make some type of drastic change, then you need to speak to your lawyer first.

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