You may be jumping for joy when you realize your divorce is uncontested. Unlike other couples, your divorce will move quickly and you and your soon-to-be-ex don’t have anything to fight over. But, before you start celebrating, there are a few things you will want to think about first – and unforeseen issues with uncontested divorces.

uncontested divorce

Ignorance versus Agreement

Most couples who think they are going through an uncontested divorce do not realize that there is no contest because the other person doesn’t understand what is going on. Other times, it is because both parties ignore the issues they need to discuss first, such as child custody, division of property or even division of debts and spousal support.

You Agree to Any Spousal Support Amount

To get the divorce over with, you agree to any spousal support they ask for – what is another $20 per month, right? Agreeing too hastily could cause you serious issues. Think twice about how much you can truly commit to spousal support and how much you are legally required to give. Signing away half your paycheck just to end the marriage as fast as possible may come back to haunt you later.

You Didn’t Examine the Debts

Uncontested divorces rush and often couples do not look out for those hidden debts. If you just quickly split all the debts down the middle, you may get stuck paying a debt you didn’t even know about.

Custody and Visitation Weren’t Considered Carefully

Most uncontested divorces don’t have custody or any children matters, but if you do and you rush through these decisions, you could forget a few things. Your uncontested divorce still needs to discuss:

  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • How holidays, birthdays and vacations will be managed
  • How disputes will be managed

Don’t risk the chance you may not see your children as much as you like or on the holidays you wanted – you need to discuss these things.

You Didn’t Hire an Attorney

Couples who rush through divorce often feel they don’t need an attorney. Because there is no contest, they skip hiring one altogether or just rush through the paperwork. A good attorney can see these potential pitfalls and save you from making permanent errors during your divorce.

Hire a Miami Divorce Attorney

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