divorce in floridaMost couples think that infidelity is the most common reason for divorce, but they are shocked to find it is often at the bottom of the list. While infidelity can certainly destroy a marriage, divorce lawyers in Miami see five more common reasons for divorce than adultery.

Got Married for the Wrong Reasons

People have their reasons for getting married and while most of the time those reasons are made with good intentions, there are other times they are not. From getting married for money to assuming a marriage will fix problems already present in the relationship, saying “I do” for the wrong reasons just seems to lead to disaster, and results in a common reason for divorce.

No Communication

A solid marriage is a partnership built on communication. In order for a marriage to last, people need to communicate; therefore, it should be no surprise that lack of communication or communication issues is a common cause for divorce in Florida.

Money Matters

Yes, finances are a leading cause for divorce in Florida. Whether it is one spouse spending more than they should or couples disagreeing on how funds should be spent, money can create negative feelings in a marriage. When finances become a constant cause for disagreement in a marriage, it can also bring up additional arguments, create feelings of resentment, etc.


When two people get married, they have expectations as to how the marriage will work and what they expect from their partner. It is important couples talk about these expectations, because when one partner or the other does not understand them, it can lead to some serious confrontations.

Also, when those expectations are not met, it can put serious strain on the marriage and lead to personal conflicts. This is especially so when one partner refuses to change or compromise for the other.

Change in Lifestyle

A change in lifestyle – whether planned or unexpected – can really bring out a person’s true colors. For example, a spouse loses their job or the couple has to relocate. These situations can change the lifestyle that each partner is used to and cause a strain on the relationship. When one or both parties are unable to adapt to these changes and come together, it can lead to divorce.

Getting a Divorce? Hire Divorce Lawyers in Miami

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