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With all the technological advances available, it shouldn’t be a surprise that law firms are changing the way they operate their legal practices. More solo practitioners and small law firms now choose to work in the cloud. Although most law firms are still brick-and-mortar service professionals, virtual lawyering is on the rise, and clients are reaping the benefits of this new alternative to traditional law practices.

What is Virtual Lawyering?

In a nutshell, virtual lawyering (also known as e-lawyering) is running a firm using web-based technology. Instead of working in a traditional office space, virtual lawyers work from their individual home office, or from a laptop while they are on the move.

These virtual law firms function more efficiently and with more flexibility because they are supported by technology. Virtual law firms also hire virtual assistants (VA) to take care of administrative work, and virtual paralegals for legal research. Virtual lawyers also use web-based tools to create an online client portal for easy communication and for delivery of legal services.

Benefits of Virtual Lawyering for Clients

Most clients who contact a virtual law firm are hoping to save money. This is often a possibility because virtual law offices offer several benefits to lawyers as well.  Virtual lawyers can stay more competitive because of the following advantages of running a virtual office. 

Lower Overhead Costs

Virtual law firms don’t have to deal with the costs of continually rising rents for commercial real estate. The firms don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for computer workstations for its employees, or for typical office equipment such as printers, copiers, scanner and phone systems.

There is also no need for office furniture, waiting area chairs, conference tables or file cabinets.  With none of these traditional law firm expenses, virtual law firms cut overhead cost dramatically.

More Mobility and More Flexibility

A virtual lawyer can work from anywhere. This mobility makes it possible to meet with clients in a variety of settings and on their schedules.

With a virtual office, lawyers can have clients from all over a state or a county. Location is no longer a limitation, and clients have access to lawyers in distant areas.

The Future of Legal Help is Virtually Now

Some legal practices such as family law are better suited for virtual lawyering. The services offered, such as divorce, adoption, or pre-nuptial agreements, are similar in nature for all clients so this can possibly reduce costs.

There are many people who shy away from lawyers because of the expense. Many of these people are do-it-yourselfers who utilize the services of non-lawyer websites offering legal forms and tutorials. However, virtual law firms can capture these web-savvy consumers who are more comfortable interacting online.

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Virtual lawyering is a win-win for both clients and lawyers. Virtual law firms can meet the needs and demands of clients just as traditional law firms do, while also operating more effectively.

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