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Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching – Miami, Florida

Divorce coaching is a process whereby a couple going through a divorce is guided to objectively evaluate their particular situations and make the most beneficial decisions for their futures based on their individual needs, interests and concerns.

Divorce Coaching in Miami, FL

The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A.
in Miami, Florida, offers Divorce Coaching to those who are in the process of divorcing.



What role can a Divorce Coach play in a divorce?

Divorce coaches can help a person going through pre-divorce, divorce and post-divorce issues depending on their personal situation and needs and can assist them to avoid procrastination and other roadblocks in order to move forward in the best way possible.

Attorneys opt to work with divorce coaches because we do the non-legal work that attorneys and their staffs generally don’t do or don’t have the time to do. Attorneys increasingly recognize how coaches can benefit their clients in areas from emotion and communication to organization issues and helping them get through and beyond divorce successfully.

The beauty of divorce coaches and our services is that clients can choose the issues they want and need help with which can include a number of issues inherent in pre-divorce, divorce and/or post-divorce stages.

Divorce Coaches acts as an independent 3rd party providing guidance, motivation and encouragement.

Working with You

Our knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorneys in Miami will be happy to answer your questions and to begin working with you on your premarital agreement.

Remember that although you may create a prenuptial agreement without the services of a lawyer, these are legal documents that can impact your financial future.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement and have questions and concerns regarding the effect of marriage on your assets and exposure to paying spousal support, then contact The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A. in Miami, Florida by calling (305) 358-2330.