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Parties are required to attend mediation prior to attending a final hearing in their dissolution of marriage or paternity case. Aliette Hernandez Carolan, Esq. is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and has mediated many cases and facilitated amicable settlements since 2009.

Child Custody Mediation

When a couple is going through the process of divorce, disagreements can arise, tempers can flare, and individuals can become frustrated. Mediation is often a successful legal route for parties to finalize their outstanding issues.

Couples can attend mediation prior to filing their initial pleadings with the Court. We call this “pre-suit mediation.” Pre-suit mediation is a process by which disputes and controversies can be settled without going to Court prior to filing for divorce. By utilizing this process, couples seeking a divorce may reduce emotional distress, save time, and limit the use of legal resources.


The Process

The manner in which pre-suit mediation is facilitated is basic and to the point. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in mediation and pre-suit mediation. We will ensure that all essential information related to your specific dispute is accounted for and exchanged with the appropriate parties prior to Mediator.


Purpose of Meditation

The purpose of mediation is to settle all outstanding issues that relate to a case. Pre-suit mediation serves numerous purposes. Not only are legal costs and expenses reduced, couples often find that they have access to opportunities they might not have initially considered, and even avoid common problems associated with going to court, including the stress and the expense of litigation.

Why Mediation May Be the Best Way to Proceed

There are often an array of challenges when faced with going to court. There are costs and deadlines to consider. In pre-suit mediation, however, your process is private. There is less stress on spouses and children because mediation is often a creative process and everyone involved has the same goal: to settle all outstanding issues.

Finally, pre-suit mediation is not controlled by the Court’s calendar, and it allows you to forgo the legal formalities associated with going to court.

When you resolve your case through pre-suit mediation, there are no court hearings except the final uncontested divorce hearing when the judge pronounces you legally divorced. With pre-suit mediation, the outcome is based on your information without involving a judge. There is freedom in pre-suit mediation to craft settlement terms that work specifically for your situation, because only you know what is best for your family.

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Child Custody Mediation Attorney

If you are interested in protecting your rights, being treated fairly, and using a creative process that will give you the opportunity to realize the best possible outcome in your marriage dissolution, contact us at (305) 358-2330 for mediation or pre-suit mediations.

Our team will work hard to make sure that each person involved in the process is treated fairly and equally. If you would like to avoid the uncertainty, stress, and struggles that are involved in going to court, and you believe that your best interests can be served by pre-suit Mediator, then this is the perfect time to give us a call.

Everyone’s case is different. For more information on Mediator and how it works, contact the lawyers at The Carolan Family Law Firm, P.A. to find out of mediation is the best option for you and your family.