Child Custody LawyerSharing custody of your children can be difficult after a divorce. Determining where they will reside, go to school, and spend holidays often causes stress and anxiety for parents. Fear of losing time with them may make it next to impossible to agree on a timesharing plan with your ex. Now, a new standard timesharing plan in Florida may help couples through this process.

In 2018, a new Florida law gave the Department of Revenue the authority to set forth a Standard Parenting Time Plan to unmarried or divorcing parents. This plan outlines specifically where the child will live and how parental responsibilities will be shared so that it’s easier for non-custodial parents to remain in contact with their children.

What Is a Timesharing Plan?

A timesharing plan is part of a parenting plan that specifies how much time minor children will spend with each parent. It must list out the amount of time, as well as the number of overnights and holidays, that minor children will spend with their parents. It must also be agreed to by both parents, approved by the courts, and in the best interests of the children.

2018 Standard Parenting Time Plan

Florida law requires that all parents with minor children agree on a timeshare plan if they are sharing custody. Often times, this is a difficult task and one that can become even more complicated if the parents are unmarried. If parents are in agreement, Senate Bill 590 will now allow the Department of Revenue to use a Standard Parenting Time Plan to help streamline this process.

The new plan includes the following:

  • Every other weekend with a non-custodial parent
  • One evening weeknight from 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Thanksgiving break on every other even-numbered year
  • Half of every winter break
  • Spring break on every other even-numbered year
  • Two weeks each summer

If parents cannot agree on a timesharing plan and don’t agree with the standard timesharing plan, then a judge will create one for them. It is important to note, however, that this standard plan is not available if there are allegations of abuse or violence.

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