Uncontested DivorceWhile many individuals might be under the impression that divorce is an expensive and lengthy process in Florida, it doesn’t have to be. If both spouses can come to a mutual agreement regarding major issues involved in the divorce, then you may be eligible for an uncontested divorce.

In the state of Florida, this is referred to as a simplified dissolution of marriage.

In order to qualify for this, spouses must agree on:

Additional requirements in order to receive an uncontested divorce in Florida include:

  • The wife cannot be pregnant at the time
  • Both individuals agree that no alimony will be requested
  • Both spouses commit to an uncontested divorce/simplified dissolution of the marriage and termination of the marriage
  • Spouses have come to terms on division of debts and property
  • One or both spouses have resided in Florida for six months
  • There are no children under the age of 18 or adopted children under the age of 18

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Who Should Consider Simplified Dissolution of Marriage in Florida?

Couples who want to terminate their marriage with as little drama as possible should consider this option. Spouses would be required to share personal financial details with each other in a typical divorce, but you could waive this right in a simplified dissolution of marriage.

What is Needed to File for an Uncontested Divorce in Florida?

One of the most important things you can do is to first consult with a Miami divorce attorney to ensure that this decision is legally in your best interest.

If you choose to move forward with an uncontested divorce, you will have to file a petition for simplified dissolution. Your Miami divorce lawyer can help you with the paperwork.

Once you and your spouse have agreed a uncontested divorce is right for you, it’s time to file the necessary paperwork with your circuit court clerk offices.

Having an attorney walk you through each stage and help you avoid mistakes is strongly recommended. Otherwise, the process can be quite confusing and can lead to frustration on your end.

A Miami divorce attorney can assess your unique situation and recommend whether or not a simplified divorce is right for you.

Sometimes, a disagreement regarding the terms formerly agreed upon may come up right before you file for your dissolution. While this isn’t uncommon, it reinforces that an experienced and an adaptable attorney is a good choice.

You need a Miami divorce attorney who is committed and prepared to help you regardless of the direction your case takes.

What’s Next? Attending the Hearing

Both spouses will have to come to court for a hearing prior to receiving a divorce even if you are applying for a simplified dissolution of marriage. This is usually held as soon as possible after the initial petition has been filed.

The judge will verify that you are qualified to receive this type of a divorce, and oral agreements regarding marital settlement will be heard at this time. You can also prepare your own written document.

Uncontested Divorce! Time to Call a Miami Divorce Attorney

Make sure to reach out to your Miami divorce attorney if you believe an uncontested divorce is for you. It may be the right situation if you and your spouse can agree on all the major elements of ending the marriage. In any case, consulting with a lawyer first is strongly recommended.

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