Understanding the Purpose of Divorce Experts

 Divorce LawHiring an expert can be very useful in a divorce case.  Experts have specialized knowledge based on their education, training, or experience. They use this knowledge and apply it to the facts of each divorce case to come up with expert opinions about things that are relevant during divorce.  We discuss some of the experts you may need during divorce proceedings below.

Property Experts

A property expert is one that specializes in the valuation of property.  It may be real property, such as the family home, a rental property, or vacation home.  It could refer to a commercial building, such as an apartment complex or a retail store.  Property experts can also offer insights on the value of personal property, including: read more

New Beginnings Require Tying Up Loose Ends

family and divorce lawAs your marriage ends and your new life begins, there are several steps you should take to tie up the loose ends of your former life.  Failing to deal with these loose ends won’t make things any easier later, and can lead to unintended consequences.

Update your W-4

Employers rely on the information you provide them in your W-4 form to determine how much income tax to withhold.  Once your marital status, and possibly your child custody status has changed, make certain to change your W-4 to reflect these changes.  Failure to do so may result in your employer withholding too much, or not enough in taxes.  This could lead to unpleasant consequences later. read more

Actor Michael Fishman and Wife Choose Separation Over Divorce

Divorce LawyerMichael Fishman is best known for his portrayal of DJ Conner, first on the series “Roseanne,” which ran from 1988 – 1997, and more recently on “The Conners,” a Roseanne re-boot which premiered in 2017.  Married in 1999, he and his wife of nearly 20 years filed for a legal separation in December of 2018.  Fishman was quite candid about the couple’s reasons for choosing separation over divorce.  As with so many couples, it came down to health insurance.  By legally separating rather than divorcing, Jenny is able to stay on Michael Fishman’s health insurance plan.  Of course, this is not always the case. Every couple should carefully read their health insurance policies to determine whether a legal separation disqualifies a spouse from receiving health insurance benefits. read more