Technically speaking, like all legal matters, you do not need an attorney to file for divorce. However, having an attorney is a huge benefit, especially in a contested divorce case or one that involves dividing significant assets.

If child custody is involved, having an attorney could be the difference between keeping your children and sending them off with your spouse. Although you can file for divorce in Florida without an attorney, it is generally not recommended.

how to file for divorce in florida

Weighing the Risks

Before hiring a Florida divorce attorney, consider what is at risk. Most individuals have significant financial assets on the line. There are also emotional risks to consider. Think about the things that a divorce affects:

  • Children
  • Personal property (including valuable or sentimental keepsakes)
  • Your home
  • Other real estate
  • Investments
  • Company ownership

Although you may think that you are saving money by not hiring an attorney, you may end up losing property or other funds within the divorce that cancel out those savings. If your divorce involves children, do not risk their safety or well-being to save a few dollars.

4 Benefits of Having a Miami Divorce Attorney

1. Going through a divorce is often a very emotional process. Unfortunately, sometimes judgment becomes clouded when emotions are involved.

Having an attorney can help you make sound decisions that are based on the facts and the law, not on your untrustworthy emotions.

2. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan are extremely knowledgeable in divorce proceedings in Florida.

It would take you a great deal of time, energy, and effort to gain enough knowledge about family law to handle your own divorce. We already have this background, saving you a great deal of time.

3. An attorney can also evaluate the very specific details of your case. For example, although you might be able to find information on how to file divorce in Florida online, none of that information is going to be specific enough to apply to your unique situation.

Telling an experienced divorce attorney in Coral Gables, FL about your marriage, your children, your background, etc. will allow the attorney to craft a specialized solution for your legal problem.

4. Divorce law and family law are complicated. Getting divorced may also affect other areas of your life that you had not considered.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate all of the new changes that will be coming your way.

At the Law Offices of Aliette H. Carolan, we understand that going through a divorce is rarely easy. Let us handle the legal end so you can focus on your personal needs.

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