Port St. Lucie Family Law AttorneyDivorce is traumatic enough for adults, but what about the children? An adult understands why divorce is necessary and the process, but children may be too young to fully grasp the situation, which makes dealing with it that much more difficult. It is important that you pay attention to your children as they go through the divorce. Remember, divorce is not just between the couple.

There are ways you can help your children better understand what is going on and hopefully, make it as positive of an experience as it can be.

Don’t Have Conflicts in Front of the Children

A divorce can be extremely stressful and it brings out a couple’s true colors. While you may have negative feelings against the other spouse and them against you, do not get into disagreements or arguments with each other in front of the children. While this might be difficult, especially during points of high emotions, it only complicates and worsens the situation.

Do Not Bash Each Other to the Kids

With those negative feelings comes negative thoughts. While it is tempting, do not bash the other parent to your child. Even if you have true feelings or your spouse has flaws, it is not fair for your child to hear them. Children should always be treated like a neutral party and should never be forced to choose or “side” with one parent over the other.

Discuss Who is Involved in the Divorce

Sit your kids down and explain to them how divorce works. Make sure they know that it is you and your spouse divorcing each other, but you are not divorcing the kids. It is best that you and your spouse sit down together with the kids and explain the situation, and be open and communicative.

Maintain Consistency

Try to keep certain things consistent. Such as who picks up the kids from school, family parties, etc. The more consistent you make their lives during a divorce, the easier it will be on them.

Get Professional Assistance

Sometimes it is hard talking with children and helping them understand, especially if they are very young. If you find your child is not handling the divorce well, then have your family law attorney recommend a child therapist or family therapist. This individual can help you discuss the divorce with your child and help provide an extra outlet for your child to voice frustrations.

Make Your Divorce Less Stressful with a Skilled Family Law Attorney in Port St. Lucie

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