My Journey Through Surrogacy: Do I Need A Lawyer?

Surrogacy Lawyers FloridaHaving children is one of life’s miracles, but many parents face the unfortunate issue of infertility, where parents are unable to conceive a child.

Thanks to continuous advancements in technology, infertility does not mean that parents can’t have children. While this can mean miracles for families, it is important to reach out to a legal team before jumping into the world of surrogacy alone.

What kinds of surrogacy options are available?

Gestational surrogacy involves a set of parents who want to legally adopt an infant. Because gestational surrogacy involves fertilizing the egg of a surrogate, this would legally mean that the surrogate is the rightful biological birth parent of the child. Once a legal adoption has taken place, then the child will belong to the adoptive parents rather than the surrogate. read more