Religious Stigma of DivorceIf you are thinking about getting a divorce in Coral Gables or Miami, it can be challenging to cope with the impact of any social stigma.

This is particularly true when you are active in a religion where others shun or do not support divorce. This can be a powerful source of frustration and sadness for individuals who are active in a congregation.

Regardless of your religious background, or even if you don’t have a religious background at all, it can be hard for others to accept that your marriage is over.

If the majority of the issues between you and your spouse were private, even friends and family members might find your decision to get divorce as a sudden and shocking one.

It might take some family members a period of time to get used to the idea, but your life can be more complicated and challenging for those friends, family, or other individuals in your life who just cannot back up your decision.

Only you know what is right for you, and consulting with an experienced attorney may be essential for making sure you understand what is involved with filing for divorce in Florida.

Religion’s History of Stigma Over Failed Marriages

The guilt and shame experienced over getting divorced can be traced back to periods in history in which cultures were not accepting of divorce at all.

Some of the most common issues associated with individuals who had recently gotten divorced and were also active in a religious community where perceived prejudices of others and the shame associated with personal failure.

Women in Particular Struggle with Divorce and Stigma in Society

One study indicated that young adult women in the United States were likely to experience these outcomes. One of the most common reasons for this source of stigma had to do with religion.

According to the research study, it’s not just one denomination that makes women especially feel shamed and stigmatized after going through a divorce.

Twenty-six congregations in the state of Indiana were analyzed across numerous Christian traditions identifying that only three churches had post-divorce programming in order to support individuals going through the end of their marriage.

The lack of pastoral support across all denominations has not gone without notice. In fact, Pope Francis brought the issue of divorce and religion to international religion to international attention recently calling for more compassionate support and care and less judgment for divorced Catholics.

The Long-Term Impacts of Religious Stigma of Divorce

Divorce can render all kinds of psychological damage, particularly if you do not have a supportive community or a network of family and friends who understand your decision after you have moved forward with the divorce.

An ethnographic study involving 41 individuals across six separate faith traditions identified that even when divorced individuals turned to worship services and comforting rituals in order to process their pain and sadness, they still experienced individual shame and lack of support from the congregation.

Identifying the appropriate support system for you is essential when you’re thinking about going through a divorce in Miami. Your friends and family members may become an important component of helping you move on after a failed marriage.

It can be difficult to arrive at the decision that you need to move forward with the divorce, but doing so can also give you a greater sense of peace and individual freedom.

Understanding when you need to get help from outside support mechanism such as a therapist can be beneficial for allowing you to process the challenges associated with going through a divorce.

Coming to terms with your own decision and relying on those in your personal network who choose to support you during this time can make a big difference about how you feel regarding divorce.

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