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The positive reaction that you have to your Facebook activity may do more than keep you entertained while waiting for a doctor’s visit or on a day-to-day basis

According to a recent research study undertaken by Carnegie-Mellon University looking at nearly 2000 Facebook users across more than 90 countries, users can benefit from significant boosts in their mood and their self-esteem when friends engage positively with the individual’s posts.

The actions that had the most beneficial impact for individuals were personalized comments and posts rather than reactions or likes.

Facebook Notifications May Be Good for You

The study identified that 60 comments from family and friends can lead to a major mood boost even equal to positive life events like having children or getting married.

There have been plenty of other research studies that have explored the impact of social media identifying that Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites can have a detrimental impact on a person’s overall self-esteem and well-being.

What Social Media Has to Do with Happiness and Marriage

Understanding social media can also be important for boosting your relationship with your spouse. Unfortunately, with increasing use of social media in today’s society, more individuals may uncover evidence of unwanted behavior like flirting or setting up plans to meet someone else via social media.

Social media can provide a window of clues into another person’s life and it can be alarming to realize that there are clues on your spouse’s social media page that can indicate that he or she is thinking about straying or is even thinking about leaving you entirely.

Using social media as a married couple also comes with ramifications if you decide to separate or get divorced. With such a digital legacy of your relationship and marriage together, it can be difficult to figure out how to move on when you have to break the news digitally. Read on to learn more about this.

Sharing Your Divorce News Via Facebook

Going Facebook official with your divorce, for example, can be problematic and challenging if you are not prepared to let all of your friends and family know.

Letting people know in person is strongly recommended, but what about those hundreds of friends on your Facebook feed who may eventually find out that you and your former spouse are no longer together?

Automatic notifications that share how long you have known someone or even remind others of your anniversary can prompt notifications on your Facebook wall that can be awkward to deal with if you have recently been separated or divorced.

Quietly changing your Facebook status can be a challenge but it is something to think about carefully when you and your former spouse are thinking about making a change with your relationship.

Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced Florida divorce attorney in the event that you are contemplating getting a divorce.

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The added element of social media can be an additional challenge when you need to break the news of your divorce to family and friends because social media often extends to acquaintances as well and can cause uncomfortable conversations and a breaking of the news in more difficult ways.

For example, if your former spouse does not change his or her Facebook status and does not share details, a photo with a new significant other or deleting all traces of you on their Facebook may be the way that others find out that you are separated or divorced.

This can raise many uncomfortable questions so it might be worth a conversation with your spouse about how you will handle the news online. To learn more about getting divorced in Florida, contact an experienced Florida divorce attorney today.

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