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Unfortunately, as any number of marital breakdowns and awkward separations can attest, these relationships may face their own unique challenges and be unable to survive the pressure of being in the spotlight constantly.

Any couple can struggle with a marriage, whether or not they have been wed for years or have only been married in the last 12 months. These pressures can impact couples of all different income levels, but those in the celebrity spotlight may face additional pressure that can ultimately cause a marriage to crack and erode in the public eye.

According to a new research study, the divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be shaking society’s belief about golden couples in Hollywood. Part of the reason that the Brad and Angelina split is having such a major impact on American society is because of the numerous interviews that helped to position these two as an ideal couple.

Many fans of both actors felt that these two were capable of surviving tremendous pressure and gave individuals more optimism and confidence about their own relationships.

A marketing professor and celebrity branding expert, however, has collected data that indicates that the Brad and Angelina split may be the beginning of the breakdown of the perspective of Hollywood’s golden couples.

The research project manager randomly sampled 1000 adults across the United Kingdom and discovered that many of these were betrayed by the sudden news of the Brad and Angelina split. 89% of the respondents agreed that Hollywood couples in the public eye presented manufactured or fake images in order to make money.

Results showed that 75% of the survey respondents believed that Hollywood couples purposely choose to live in the spotlight in order to present themselves as brands. Unfortunately, it is not just celebrity divorces that are becoming an increasing trend. For years, divorce statistics have indicated that people may have a one in two or one in three chance of getting divorce.

Many studies have sought further explanation of the factors that can influence divorce such as common sources of arguments or whether or not when someone gets married, how much money they spend on the wedding itself or their past relationships have an impact on the likelihood to get divorced. Unfortunately, divorce can happen for any reason and at any time.

Making the decision to file for divorce after speaking with a Coral Gables family lawyer is not always easy. One of the reasons that the initial meeting with a Coral Gables family lawyer may be challenging for you is because it could be your first official acceptance that the relationship and marriage is over. Building a life with another person requires a great deal of trust, commitment and cooperation with one another.

Speaking with a divorce attorney, even in the event that you decide not to move forward with the divorce may trigger feelings of shame or guilt on your part. However, it is an important step forward to evaluate your options.

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Speaking with a Coral Gables family lawyer does not obligate you to file for divorce but it does give you the opportunity to get your questions answered promptly and effectively so that you can make an informed decision. Your lawyer will be working with you for the entirety of your case, so this selection matters.

If you are looking for a confidential place to get answers to your questions and to discuss the opportunity for filing divorce as well as how Florida’s divorce laws and court procedures may impact you.

You need to consult with an experienced Coral Gables family lawyer sooner rather than later. Getting legal help empowers you to understand your choices and to determine the best course of action for you and your family.

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