Facing a Divorce in Miami

Divorce lawyer in MiamiDuring the process of a divorce, things can be difficult. The division of assets can be confusing, and determining who keeps property can worsen the situation. To make matters worse, if you have any children with your spouse, then the custody battles begin, and can make a divorce feel like an impossible situation.
If you’re facing a divorce, it’s important to know that you don’t have to face this tough situation alone. With the right divorce attorney on your side, you can get everything figured out and keep your sanity. read more

The Divorce Numbers in Florida

Divorce Lawyer Miami 1In 2009, Divorces in the state of Florida were at an all-time low in approximately forty years. However, this changed in 2014. In fact, Florida is the fifth highest state in divorce with over 13.1 percent of residents filing for divorce. But, what is driving higher divorce rates in Florida than other areas of the country?


Divorces often decrease with unemployment simply because couples cannot afford to get divorced while unemployed. However, as the unemployment rates in Florida slowly decrease, the divorce rates also increase. read more

5 Ways to Protect Yourself During a Divorce

Miami Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be messy. Unfortunately, all too often one spouse can be completely shocked by the process as well as the behavior that can come from the other partner.

From going over financial information to dividing assets, there is a lot to consider. There are, however, ways you can protect yourself during a divorce, and more importantly, ways you can ensure your best interests are kept in mind during the process.

Finances During DivorceProtecting Your Finances In A Divorce

Finances are one of the biggest hassles to divide and conquer in a divorce. You may be proactive about your finances during your marriage, but that shouldn’t stop just because you are getting divorced. In fact, you should be more proactive. read more