Same Sex Divorces: Is Anything Different?

Same Sex Divorce Lawyer MiamiOn August 21st, 2014, United States District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled Florida’s same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutional, yet same-sex marriages can’t instantly be performed.

While divorce normally is seen as a negative thing, as a relationship breakdown, it really offers both parties legal protections that they wouldn’t otherwise experience.

As an unmarried couple decides to part ways, it’s typical for both or either of the partners to suffer some type of injustice in the division of debts and assets, especially if they’ve been residing together for a substantial time period. read more

Same-Sex Marriage, Divorce, and Family Law

Same Sex Divorce Attorney MiamiToday, the family dynamic can no longer be defined as a heterosexual (male and female) couple and biological children created and birthed by both heterosexual parents.

The “traditional” family dynamic can no longer be defined. Families today consist of heterosexual and homosexual parents, adopted children, biological children, and even stepchildren, and sometimes even a mix of all of the above.

While today’s family dynamic is much more diverse, which can be a beautiful thing, it can also stir up some legal issues. Working with a trusted and reputable family law attorney in the state of Florida can help. read more

4 Common Reasons for Divorce

What are the ‘reasons’ for divorce?

Miami Divorce Attorney

Everyone knows that the marriage and divorce rate in the United States is downright depressing. More than half of marriages end in divorce.

Most of us might wonder why that is. Does marriage not sustain societal changes and pressures? Is it just easier to get divorced rather than work through problems? Is money the problem?

Why are people getting divorced?

Regardless of what the reasons are for choosing to get a divorce, here are the four most common that divorce attorneys witness.

Abuse : Unfortunately, abuse is one of the most common reasons why people decide to get a divorce…and with good reason. No one should endure physical, verbal, emotional, or mental abuse or any of its other forms in any way in a marriage, especially a marriage where there are children. read more