Understanding Surrogacy Agreements in Florida

From saving lives to creating lives, our society has been known to create miracles. And having the ability to help couples start or grow their families with advanced reproductive technologies is one of them.

Florida Surrogacy AttorneyHowever, with these advancements in reproductive technologies, the state of Florida has had to adjust their laws accordingly in order to protect and address the rights of donors, adoptive parents, biological parents, and even surrogates.

While the area of surrogacy appears to be one that involves more science and medicine than law, a Florida surrogacy attorney is also important to help protect parents’ and surrogates’ rights through the surrogacy process. read more

Questions You Must Ask a Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy Attorney Miami FloridaMeeting with a potential surrogate could be an uncomfortable situation. You will be face-to-face with someone you may not even know, asking them numerous questions, and deciding whether or not she is fit to carry your child. But, it is imperative you ask the right questions, no matter how awkward and uncomfortable they may be in order to find the right person for the role.

Surrogacy interviews are not job interviews. You need to get down to very personal question, ones that may be embarrassing to ask. Ultimately you want to find out if this person will provide you with a healthy baby. It is in your best interest to have your attorney present not only to make sure you ask the right questions, but so that your attorney can help assess the potential surrogate’s answers. read more

What You Need to Know in a Surrogacy Agreement

Miami Surrogacy Law AttorneysMany couples who seek out surrogate mothers are blithely aware that often times surrogacy can involve legal representation and legal proceedings.

Today, with the legalization of gay marriage and the advancements in medical technology, surrogacy is more common than it was even a decade ago.

Couples are now able to start or expand their families through assisted reproductive technologies, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, and egg or sperm donation and embryo donation is rapidly increasing in popularity. read more